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Secure online notes & memos

Welcome to Safe Jot . com – the most secure online storage of notes and memos. All memos are encrypted so that we cannot even read them – only you have the decode key.

You can use Safe Jot . com to store passwords, pin numbers, bank account details, credit card numbers, and any other sensitive information that you may need access to remotely but don't want to write down. Using the distributed nature of the internet, you can then retrieve this information from any cyber cafe or internet connected computer.

Your notes are secured via a dual-layer security mechanism:

  1. You are required to log into the website to retrieve your notes with your password for your own account
  2. Once logged in, notes are encrypted and using your decryption key, you can make them readable.

Encryption and decryption of memos is done in JavaScript in your browser, so your encryption key is not shared with us, and all notes sent to and from this website are encrypted.

CitiBank VISA
Ryley Muller
4539 4222 0636 0347
exp: 06/2012

Original Memo / Note

Encoding & Decoding using your
Secret Key

Encoded Memo / Note
stored on the server



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